الجمعة، 8 أكتوبر 2010

The frontiers of trauma treatment

And here is another interesting 5-part webinar offering new clinical ideas in the field of trauma treatment. The webinar will be offered during the months of October and November and can be attended FOR FREE .... (or for 157$ for those who would like to participate in the discussions held by the psychotherapists).

Dates and the complete schedule of the 5-part webinar can be found here

Using Volunteers to expand NGO's services- Part 1

The webinar is currently available in different formats...
1- You can either watch it here
2- or see it as a PDF file by clicking here
3-or just listen to it as an mp3 by clicking here
And finally, this is just a small reminder that this free webinar is only the first part of a 4 parts webinar dealing with the same issue...
Part 2 was offered on Thursday Oct. 7th (yesterday) and is hopefully expected to be available in different formats very soon on the web. And for those of you who are interested in attending the two upcoming parts, their dates are Thursday oct. 21st and Thursday nov. 4th... Further details about how to register can be found here